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Nick Fletcher - old hand; new challenge

Central - 09 May 17 General

As many of you will know, Richard Farrington has led work to prepare RNSA for a possible, subject to members’ views, transition to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Richard has now moved on to prepare for a major sailing trip and our Commodore has asked me to support Phil Warwick, as both Vice Commodore and Chairman of the Central Committee, by leading work to prepare us to transition to our new status. In doing that, I will be working directly alongside Mike Shrives and the office team allowing them to focus on core RNSA business while I look at future stuff.

As many of you know, I have held a range of roles within RNSA including Rear Commodore (Offshore), Chairman and Branch Captain, so I know a bit about how we work and what we set out to achieve. As Chairman of Trustees for the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, I also have some practical experience of leadership of a highly effective naval charity including working with various key, external bodies including the Charity Commission and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. I hope that this experience will prove useful in working out what tweaks need to be made to our ways of working to enable us to implement that CIO, if that is what we, the membership, decide. You will hopefully be reassured to know that neither I, nor the lawyers and accountants who have advised Richard and the team, see the need for any radical changes. In fact, changes proposed are likely to be ones that we would have chosen to make even without a change in our legal status.

I will admit to having been rather doubtful about the need for the change to a CIO, but the detailed work and discussion has totally persuaded me that it is absolutely the right way forward. If you still have concerns, pull up a bollard and I’ll give you a darn good listening to and may be able to clarify some points too; you never know, I might be right! Seriously though, there is a large body of experience and knowledge among our members which I want to tap into. I’m therefore putting together a small ‘steering’ group, of 5 or 6 members. I envisage this group getting together every 4-6 weeks, depending on the pace of work at the time with other interaction online. If you can spare a few hours a month to join this group, please let the RNSA Office know or email me at the address visible in the Members Area of the RNSA website. Better yet, catch me on a pontoon somewhere.

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