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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series Race 1

Portsmouth - 01 Jun 17 Offshore

With the cancellation of the final 2 races of the Spring series due to low wind speeds there was some trepidation that this might reoccur for the first race of the Summer Series with the gradient wind forecast to be light. Fortunately the sea breeze hung around just long enough for all to finish.

Electron V the SOOD anticipating a dying breeze set a short course to Browndown with the tide helping followed by a short reaching leg to Stokes Bay West with a run home against the tide. The starts were combined into a single start at 1830.
At the start the lay line chosen to the "ODM" Darling Associates was crucial, boats reaching in at what might be considered a faster angle found they were having to bear away hard as the tide pushed them the wrong side of the mark. Boats that got it right, Jolly Jack Tar, Tinker T and Spirit of Kudu rounded with tide under and disappeared rapidly upwind. Of this group the boats that tacked south early soon profited as the wind flicked south changing the first leg into a fetch and altering the angles for the subsequent legs. Jolly Jack Tar, the fastest boat in the fleet used her speed to advantage and rounded Browndown well in the lead. The leg from Stokes Bay West had turned from a slower run into a kite reach ideally suited to her asymmetric sail and she went on to win by a substantial margin.


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