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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series Race 2

Portsmouth - 08 Jun 17 Offshore

With the wind gusting to 35 knots throughout the Solent at midday but several forecasts indicating it would moderate in the late afternoon it was once again a day of decision making.

The organiser plumped for the forecast and racing was on. However at 1700 as most crews assembled it was still gusting over 30 knots in Stokes Bay. Skippers made their decisions and less than half the regular fleet pitched up at Gilkicker - eventually! With the tide raging to the east at low water it was the long way around to the race area and only one boat, the biggest, Jolly Jack Tar was anywhere near the line at start time.
Thunderflash, the SOOD set a beat to Mother Bank, a reach to Brown down and a run home with the tide.
The five stalwarts set off as they each reached the line on a lengthy beat into the tide and 30 knots of wind with Jolly Jack Tar under a heavily reefed main and small headsail leading the way. The organiser watched from the lee of the Gilkicker development hoardings content that Tinker T had made the correct decision as the wind howled through the gaps in the fence.
Very well done to all who raced, the curry at HSSC on completion must have been a welcome relief.


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