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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series Race 3

Portsmouth - 15 Jun 17 Offshore

A delightful Summers evening sail but a tricky tidal situation to test the tacticians.

With the tide turning to the east on the mainland shore but still going to the west on the Island shore and centre Solent the course set by Sunshine the SOOD was a tester. A run to Browndown followed by a beat to Kemps Quay and a tight kite reach home.
The two Sigma 33's Spirit of Kudu and Happy Apple led the first start fleet with SOK reaching Browndown in the lead by opting for a more southerly course in faster tide. She then decided to tack back into Stokes Bay enroute to the windward mark whilst Happy Apple opted to cross the tide into slacker water on the Island shore. These split tactics proved the case for wind rather than tide as the breeze picked up and shifted right on the Island side but eased in Stokes Bay. The upshot was a healthy lead for Happy Apple at Kemps Quay but on the reach back to the finish line she let herself get swept to the east by the tide and as the wind eased on the final approach she struggled to round Darling Associates against the tide. SOK coming from behind sailed a much deeper course and rounded ahead. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory for HA!
The second start featured a gaggle of yachts all line abreast hoisting their kites on the gun. With some frantic fighting for position Tinker T emerged ahead of the pack which she only lost to Jolly Jack Tar at the downwind mark. But with JJT opting for Stokes Bay and Tinker T crossing to the Island Tinker T regained the lead, judged the tide correctly and finished ahead of both fleets.


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