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Winter Lay up facility

Plymouth - 21 Jun 17 General

The 2017/2018 Handbook for the Winter Lay-up facility in Bull Point is now available - see attachment to this Item. Members wishing to apply for a place should do so asap and no later than 3rd July 2017, using the form at the back of the Handbook.

The Winter Lay-up facility in Bull Point is administered by a S/C of the Plymouth Branch under the terms of an Encroachment agreement made with the MoD, which allows the layup of yachts in Devonport Dockyard for approximately 6 months over the winter period.

The terms of the encroachment require that laying up yacht owners are members of the RNSA, are fully insured throughout the period ashore, and are able to attend some key dates over the period of laying up and launching. As the facility is a self-help site under the direction of the S/C this latter point is essential. The Encroachment terms also dictate that no more than 6 months notice will be given for site clearance if the MoD requires to use the site for Operational purposes.

Access to the site particularly over the weekends in winter is constrained and this should be taken into account when considering if the facility is suitable for an individual's circumstances. The need also to take into account that lay-up and launch dates are dependent upon tides and more importantly weather conditions, means that flexibility to attend on key dates which may have to move at short notice, is also essential.

The S/C charges for the mobile crane which is hired to lift out and launch yachts, for the storage of yachts whilst on the site and for hire of a cradle if required. A limited number of cradles are available for hire and the S/C also assesses the cradles of potential users of the site for suitability for use prior to offering them a place. The terms of the encroachment dictate that the facility shall not be operated for profit so rates are set to ensure that costs, and the impact of needing to vacate the site in a hurry are covered.

The Handbook, which is attached to this notice, is updated each year and contains all the details of the operation of the site including further information relating to the points raised above. Potential users should read the information carefully to ensure they are fully aware of the site limitations before applying. An Application Form is at the back of the Handbook, which can be completed and signed, and then either scanned and emailed to the S/C Chairman (name, and postal address are on the form; email address is on the RNSA website) or sent through the post. New applicants this year should ensure they include their RNSA membership no. and a copy of their registration document to prove their ownership.

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