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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series Race 9

Portsmouth - 27 Jul 17 Offshore

A fitting end to a hard fought Summer Series, plenty of breeze and a fine turnout.

Electron V the SOOD set a true beat to Motherbank, a kite reach to Kemps Quay, a gybe and a broader kite reach home.
The focus was going to be on the fight for the podium positions in the IRC class which involved the 2 Sigma 33's Happy Apple and Spirit of Kudu and the Elan 333, Tinker T. The Sigmas opted for slightly different sail plans with Happy Apple on a first reef whilst SOK carried full main. Both tacked off towards the Island seeking slacker water after the start but Happy Apple was the faster but only just. In the second start Tinker T led the way from Jolly Jack Tar and Option with JJT opting to stay on the mainland shore and TT following the Sigmas across to the Island. JJT although carrying 2 reefs used her superior upwind speed to full advantage and led around the windward mark closely followed by the Sigmas and then TT. SOK on a gusty reacing leg went for her kite and despite a couple of broaches managed to reel in HA and was within 2 boats lengths at the Kemps Quay gybe mark. HA then hoisted also and a fierce duel developed down the leg. Violent gusts at the final buoy Darling associates added spice to the proceedings and at the finish it was SOK by a mere second. When the numbers were crunched JJT who sailed a sensibly conservative 2 reaches under white sails took the bullet also by 1 second. It would be remiss not to mention the tribulations of Electron V who had a bit of a 'mare with their kite and finally split their rather tired mainsail in the final gybe to the finish. Bad luck guys - better luck in Cowes.

Very many thanks to the HSSC team who provide welcome support to the inner man after racing and I look forward to seeing of many of you as possible on the 23 August, the first race of the Autumn Series.

Results: Alas the HAL server is playing up and although the results are on it I cannot provide a link so the series results are:

NHC - First Happy Apple, second Option, third Spirit of Kudu
IRC - First Tinker T, second Happy Apple, third Spirit of Kudu
Finally got it working - Series Results -

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