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RNSA discounted deal for winter lay up and limited pontoon berths

Clyde - 11 Aug 17 General

Our endeavour is to assist in making the cost of boat ownership as affordable to RNSA members.

The RNSA on the Clyde - as part of a developing facility for its members - has negotiated its own area within the Clyde Marina in Ardrossan for winter lay-up and also five further pontoon berths for use during the summer or all year round.

The additional pontoon berths are on a first-come-first-served basis and are available to members throughout the UK. It is hoped that a visitors’ berth can also be secured and this would be available, by prior arrangement, to members visiting the area.

RNSA Clyde oversees this deal, and all enquiries must be made directly to RNSA Clyde. If the arrangement is a success, we intend to develop this to incorporate both a workshop and an indoor storage facility in the near future.

The Clyde Branch administers the Winter lay-up facility in Ardrossan Marina under the terms of an exclusive agreement made with the RNSA, Clyde Branch, and Clyde Marina. This agreement allows the layup of yachts in Ardrossan Marina for approximately six months over the winter period.

The pontoon berthing agreement is on a one-year rolling contract basis and includes winter lay-up as part of the package as well as the option to remain on the berth all year round.

The terms of the agreement require that all owners are members of the RNSA and are fully insured throughout the period ashore. There is also a requirement to attend some key dates over the period of laying up for launching vessels as the facility is a self-help site under the direction of the Clyde Marina. The terms of the lay-up are no more than six months ashore unless otherwise negotiated with the RNSA Clyde Cruising representative.

All payments will be made through the HMNB Clyde CAF account, and proof of payment should be sent to the administrator.

The site can be accessed seven days a week, as directed by the marina staff. Please also bear in mind that lay-up and launch dates are dependent upon the weather conditions which means that a degree of flexibility will be required regarding attendance at the site as key dates may have to be moved at short notice.

The winter lay-up prices will depend on the size of the vessel and will be at a special discounted rate which is exclusive to RNSA members only. These rates can be discussed by contacting or

All lift-out and launch prices must be negotiated directly with the marina, but we will endeavour to try and have a number of specific days set aside for lift out and launch of our members only, where it is expected that a further discount could be arranged for the hoist.

There are twenty RNSA places available for this winter lay-up deal and only five pontoon berths for next season so do not leave arrangements till the last minute - please try and plan ahead.

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