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East Coast beats 'Med'!

East Coast - 29 Aug 17 Cruising

The Gods smiled on the RNSA East Coast Summer Ramble

Not renowned for languid beaches, the North Sea weather mounted a charm offensive between 18 and 28 August. Our dutiful Extra Master (Chris Jones) was diverted in the initial stages of the plan so only Jacqui-B made the initial leg to Southwold, which boasted chart depths of 0.6m, fortunately scoured by persistent tides (since the admiralty survey) to a real depth of 2.6m (thank you East Coast Rivers'!) The Adnams and beach were excellent.
Numbers augmented, as the workers amongst us were released from their ardours in time for a rendez-vous at the 'Alma', Harwich (our shore club house) - Jacqui-B (Gale Bryan), Successor (John Coone), Woodwind(Fred Harris) and Vamoose(Alan Paterson|) turned up and were joined for 'Rock' and Dover Sole by Chris and Pat Jones. Returning onboard a little raucous music reassured Hapenny Pier that it still had its traditional customers.
The stars kept scintillating and next morning the sun kept beaming as we meandered down to Brightlingsea, assisted by a light easterly. Peter Broadley had returned from the Canaries so we had someone aboard Successor who was on intimate terms with the sandbanks. We dumped GPS (involuntarily) on Jacqui-B so Brent Crosland (on his third outing with the Branch) sharpened up his navigation skills very effectively. So many Martello towers -four in two miles - who was issuing the contracts in those days!
Dancing Bear (Chris Jones) joined us in time for the Pimms Reception at Brightlingsea. Dressed overall, and sporting a substantial burgee, Brightlingsea knew we had arrived - and loaned us the University Sailing Centre Bar and then its Loft for a 'fish and chip' supper (Cooney still owes them a subscription). It was great to have Colin and Moira Trevelyan, back with us on furlough from their Mediterranean Odyssey - and to be able to compete with them on weather.
The stars kept scintillating and next morning the sun kept beaming so awaiting the tide meant breakfast, coffee and a struggle with the hangover in getting the guitars to play. Nevertheless, by midday we had the tide for Jacqui-B, Successor and Dancing Bear to head for an anchorage off Bradwell Beach, where we were greeted by Simon Coone in his fast rib, rather appropriate for an orange striper and just the ticket to ferry us all ashore, where the Blackwater was warm (yes!). Brent Crosland provided a magnificent Banyan BBQ, powered by pyrotechnics provided by Chris Jones.
Alas the tide was to turn and at 1600 we retired onboard and dispersed. The northerly vessels (Successor and Jacqui-B) being wafted up the Wallet by Tide and an Easterly to arrive at Woolverstone\Pin Mill for another beautiful starlit night onboard.

Eat your heart out if it is 40 degrees C where you are!

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