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RNSA(P) Wednesday Autumn Series Race 3

Portsmouth - 07 Sep 17 Offshore

There was definitely a sniff of autumn in the air as the racing fleet meandered at low water the long way around to get to Gilkicker. This confirmed by the need for nav lights on the way back.

Kurketrekker the SOOD managed to extricate herself from her berth at low water (she is normally unsuccessful at springs) and set a course of a beat to Browndown, a broadish kite reach to Kemps Quay with a gybe and closer reach home.
Most of the boats in the first start opted for a start inshore in less tide and a Stokes Bay route to the windward mark. As ever the Sigma 33's were locked in mortal combat and this week Danegeld added to the mix sailing very quickly upwind. Happy Apple proved the better of this trio, leading at the first mark when the others overstood with an overestimate of tidal strength. By the time they rounded Tinker T winning the second start had caught the leading trio except for HA who rounded a few boat lengths ahead. HA with a slicker kite hoist extended on TT but sailing a tad low was eventually overhauled by TT who opted to stay inside for mark room at the gybe mark. As it turned out TT dropped their kite and HA gybed hers thinking they could shy kite reach home - they couldn't and TT led over the finish line easily holding her time on the Sigmas. Kurketrekker scored another bullet in NHC demonstrating that if you miss a load of races your handicap improves under this 'interesting' system.
Competitors are reminded that the start is half an hour earlier next week at 1800.


PS. We had a brief burst of summer nostalgia on TT last night so have included a phot from one of the more interesting evenings of racing.

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