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RNSA(P) Wednesday Autumn Series race 9

Portsmouth - 19 Oct 17 Offshore

As Geoff Goodwin remarked as Wizard sped past at 2 knots - "one week it's blowing 37 the next 3, can't you have a word with someone". The conditions were a trifle unfortunate considering that the series results depended on this final race.

The SOOD - Electron V was finally persuaded not to go home for an early bath by some anguished chat on the radio. So a rather eccentric bit of course setting followed - a kite reach to Stokes Bay central followed by a gybe and a kite reach home, a course length of about 2 miles. In fairness there were few options for course setting with a raging east going tide and only 5-6 knots of wind.
The starts were combined with a bit of ensuing grumpiness from the slower elements of the fleet who felt a bit disadvantaged however the guidance for SOOD states "when the number of boats for each start is 4 or fewer the SOOD may consider amalgamating the 2 fleets into a single start". In the circumstances I could not argue with the call.
The quicker boats of course set kites and powered off the line at about 3 knots whilst the slower ones chased them at 2.5 knots!
Unfortunately Danegeld who was leading the series was never going to prosper in the conditions, 8 tonnes versus the 1 of Sunshine was not a contest, nevertheless she succeeded in pushing Tinker T down to third place overall.
The award for the performance of the night must go to Martin Pound in Moby Jay who sailed single handed (without even his faithful dog Jack at the helm) hoisting his kite and sailing gently through the fleet, shame about the drop Jack would have been useful there.

When the numbers were crunched the podium for IRC was Sunshine, Danegeld and Tinker T and in NHC Electron V, Option and Danegeld. Apologies to Wizard as on checking back through provisional previous NHC results I discovered an elapsed time out by 1 hour - I should have spotted earlier that finishing a race in 4 mins was probably incorrect.

Full results at :

A very big thank you to HSSC for supporting the series so well both for excellent food and bar service. Also to Len and his security team for their forbearance and cheeriness as loads of yachties rushed into the establishment post sailing every Wednesday evening.

A reminder that the RNSA(P) AGM and prize giving is on Wed 29 November. Details in due course.

Thank you all for supporting the series throughout the year and I am open to suggestions for improvements for next season at :

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