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Central - 23 Oct 17 General

From Nick Fletcher: Perhaps the best indicator of progress with registering a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) for RNSA is the gap between my updates. After a hello in May it was Sep before I had much to say. Only a month later I have news.

Trustees of the proposed CIO, the Chairman/Vice-Commodore and I recently had a very productive discussion with the Charity Commission staff about our application to register as a charity. We were appropriately thoroughly grilled to test whether the proposed CIO meets the standards for demonstrating ‘public benefit’. The Charity Commission was very helpful and left us with reason to suppose that, with a tweak or 2, our application may succeed. Given their workload, it may still take some time before we get the final outcome.

Despite finding, as Frigate navigator, that almost all forward planning is wasted because the Ops Officer moves the goalposts, I’m now starting to think about the steps. If you have any input, I’ll be in the Charthouse; if I’m not there please leave a Post-It!

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