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Dart Harbour Newsletter 11 December 2017

RC (Cruising) - 13 Dec 17 Cruising

Extract re changes to Term and Conditions for Dartmouth Moorings

Harbour Charges for 2018/19

At the Annual Meeting, held on Wednesday 6th December the harbour charges for 2018/19 were announced.

Some key decisions taken by the Board this year have resulted in a reduction in fees for some customers.

Yacht Taxi fares 50% reduction!
Visiting yachts may benefit from cheaper berthing fees than walkashore marinas, but their costs can rise considerably by using the yacht taxi to come ashore. The Board took the decision to cut all these charges by 50%, which will make coming ashore cheaper and help to reduce the crowding on the limited dinghy facilities.

Harbour Dues for vessels without propelling machinery and vessels less than 4m LOA FREE!!

We will be adjusting our tariffs for all vessels under 4m and invoices will be reduced for 2018. If you have a vessel larger than 4m, but which has no mechanised propelling equipment, please make contact with us, so we can adjust your tariffs. We will also make this clear on our invoices in March.

No increase
• Annual and Visitors’ Harbour Dues and Visitors’ buoyage

3.9% Increase

Other fees and charges will be increased in line with RPI.
• Pontoon berths
• Trot and swinging moorings
• Dinghy and rack berths
• Hire of vessels

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