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RNSA(P) Wednesday Spring Series race 1

Portsmouth - 29 Mar 18 Offshore

The organiser of the RNSA(P) Wednesday evening race series heaved a big sigh of relief as the abysmal weather forecast from early in the week of strong winds and rain was replaced on the day by a forecast of a weather window giving westerly 12-14 knots gusting 20. And that's what we got!

Despite temperatures down to 6 degrees with wind chill on top, seven yachts featured on the start line for the first evening race of the season. Tinker T took charge and with the starts combined set a course upwind and into a roaring east going tide, of Browndown - NE Ryde middle - with a dead run home.

At the start gun those boats opting to stay close to Gilkicker shore out of the fastest tide made early gains but the 3 faster yachts Sunshine, Tinker T and the newly renovated Jolly Jack Tar were soon duelling up the Stokes Bay shore with some very close encounters. All three judged the layline across the tide to perfection and at the windward mark Sunshine led from Tinker T closely followed by JJT. There was then a demonstration of the greater speeds produced by a modern asymmetric spinnaker versus the slower but deeper angles produced by a standard spinnaker. On this occasion the deeper sailing standard kite was the better and the finishing order was the same as at the windward mark but with Tinker T holding her time to win against the faster Sunshine.

A grand sunset with a large car carrier silhouetted against the setting sun was a grand finale for a fine evenings racing.


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