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RNSA(P) Wednesday Spring Series race 4

Portsmouth - 19 Apr 18 Offshore

Warm sunshine and a solid breeze, what more can a yacht racing crew wish for? Perhaps a tad less tide.

So was it nine or eight boats on the start line at Gilkicker? My mathematically able team said they counted nine but I only have eight results. If anyone can throw any light on this conundrum I would be grateful. We welcomed Mark Glyde and Argo for the first time in this series, it is nice to see the big cruisy boats tackling race courses with the ardent racers. Perhaps more wind would suit them better.
Jolly Jack Tar, SOOD for the race conducted proceedings over the radio impeccably and set a cunning course that looked ideal for asymmetric boats. (and why not) of a broad kite reach to Mother Bank followed by a gybe and a tight kite reach to Browndown with a beat home with the tide.What could go wrong.
The start was won by Tinker T who opted for a starboard pole kite for the short leg to Darling Associates on a hotter angle followed by a gybe at the mark, this paid dividends over the yachts who hoisted on port and sailed a slower deeper angle but with no need to gybe. At Mother Bank Sunshine with her superior speed led closely followed by Tinker T who managed to break an inside overlap from a rapidly closing Jolly Jack Tar. Sunshine and JJT opted for a spinnaker gybe whilst TT not liking the angles on the next leg, dropped and white sailed the leg. A good move as it turned out for Sushine dropped to leeward and JJT with her big asymmetric was fighting hard to hold her line into the next mark but going slowly as a consequence. JJT managed to sneak in at Browndown just ahead of Sunshine and the battle of the beat home commenced. Initially JJT maintained her advantage but let Sunshine tack inshore into a lifting breeze preferring the potential tidal advantage out of the bay. Alas wrong move. Sunshine used the lift to extend on JJT just far enough to take the handicap win although Tinker T sailing fast in the 16 knot breeze beat them both when the numbers were crunched.


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