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50th Anniversary of Lively Lady’s circumnavigation

RC (Cruising) - 07 May 18 General

50 years ago the return of Sir Alec Rose and Lively Lady caught the imagination of a 9 year old. Some years later we all have the opportunity to commemorate the skill and determination of Sir Alec with two events planned of Southsea this summer.

At the RNSA AGM it was said others in the RNSA shpuld know about the impending 50th anniversary celebration plans for Lively Lady, in which Sir Alec Rose completed his circumnavigation on 4 July 1968. Sir Alec not only served in the RN, he was of course an RNSA member, and a Pompey native.

I hope that you can spread the message amongst members and cajole them to be involved at the 2 main events (28 May and 8 July).

At a reception at the RN&RAYC, we have been updated on the plans and heard about the work being done to restore Lively Lady. Having been stripped down to virtually a bare hull, the rebuilding is just about complete with the painting now starting. The work and plans for the celebrations have the full support of the Portsmouth City Council, the Lord Mayor being in attendance at the reception.

Two main events are being planned:

28 May (Bank Holiday Monday): creating a world record size human picture, of Lively Lady. Aim is for 1000 participants, who will be formed in to a picture of the yacht, each individual being given an appropriately coloured t-shirt and cap (to keep) to match the element of the boat they will be portraying eg red for below waterline, blue for hull, white for sails etc. Filming will be done by drone. The cost of participating will be a mere £5 or £15 for a family. Though this is quite a complex process, clever pans and numbering are being devised such that it can be competed as rapidly as possible, under 2 hours. Attracting many RNSA members and their families would obviously be good.

8 July: a re-creation of Lively Lady completing her circumnavigation with people on the Southsea seafront and Lively Lady doing a slow sail pass. More details on this are still being devised. But, again, getting many RNSA members there to witness this would of course be great, and fun.

Note. Perhaps a member could write up the world record attempt. Seems very complex and hopefully the weather taken into account. Would make an interesting Journal Article.

Terry Corner
Rear Commodore Cruising
For Richard Spalding

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