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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series race 2

Portsmouth - 07 Jun 18 Offshore

The historical wind graph on Spitbank Fort showed how lucky the yachts competing in the RNSA(P) Summer Series race 2 were. A breeze of up to 9 knots appearing at 1830 and disappearing at 1940. Someone smiles on us.

Not having historical data yet available the SOOD suspected the very light south easterly breeze might fail and also knowing it was 5 knots from the south west in the central Solent set a short windward - leeward course to North Sturbridge against the tide, and back home. As it turned out the wind filled just after the first start and got the faster boats home quickly but slowly died for the tail enders although most were finished in around an hour.
Tactics on the beat to Sturbridge were crucial and the group that went left into the shallower water out of the tide led by Sunshine, ultimately prevailed.


Note: An anomaly in the NHC software algorithm has been pointed out to me and I have manually input the correct TCC's for the start of the Summer Series and results have been recalculated. They remain provisional whilst I monitor the situation.

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