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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series race 6

Portsmouth - 05 Jul 18 Offshore

A warm sunny light airs race where the tide made all the difference

Heather Tarr reporting as Ric is on holiday.
Kit Buck has very kindly run the results for us and these are below:
Pos Name TCC El Time Corr Time

1 Happy Apple 0.914 102:22 93:34
2 Sunshine 1.016 98:50 100:25
3 Spirit of Kudu 0.914 118:42 108:30
Retired: Crazy Horse, Danegeld, JJT, TT, Kurketrekker

Course: Darling Associates(P), North Sturbridge(P), Gleeds (P) then back to Darling Associates (S)
As we started the tide was running with us (West) but by the end it was running the other way in the main channel and running South in the small boat channel. Wind SSW, a spinnaker start then a beat to North Sturbridge and those that tacked early did better. A spinnaker run to Gleeds but as the wind died Crazy Horse, Danegeld, JJT, TT and Kurketrekker retired. Happy Apple chose the small boat channel whilst Sunshine and Kudu tacked out. For a while it went very light and there was a real chance that no one would finish. Thankfully the wind filled before the tide could push the remaining three boats back too far and Sunshine took line honours but Happy Apple stole the day. Thanks to all and to HSSC for providing the bar and food.
Photo thanks to Sara Collen from 27 June 2018

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