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RNSA(P) Wednesday Summer Series race 7

Portsmouth - 12 Jul 18 Offshore

6 yachts turned out for a light airs race. JJT was away to compete in the Beaufort Cup in Cork and a few others were on holiday or wanted to watch a strange contest where 22 men kick a ball to each other and very occasionally have a rest by putting it in a net - bit like fishing!

Heather Tarr and Mike Shrives reporting as Ric is on holiday.
Kit Buck has very kindly run the results for us and these are below:
Pos Name TCC El Time Corr Time

1 Sunshine 1.016 40:57 41:36
2 Happy Apple 0.914 46:47 42:45
3 Spirit of Kudu 0.914 47:06 43:03
4 Danegeld 0.857 50:35 43:21
5 Tinker T 0.956 47:20 45:15
6 Crazy Horse 0.909 51:58 47:14
Course: Darling Associates(P), Mother bank (S) then back to Darling Associates (S)
Set against an 80% tide that was running against us (East) and a light WSW that veered. A single start where most took a running charge but one or two stemmed the tide and relied on acceleration to get them to the first mark. As the wind veered what would have been a beat turned into a ferryglide to Motherbank The wind held for the return leg and another ferryglide back under spinnaker. Sunshine was the first to round the mark and quickly extended her lead on the others. Spirit of Kudu rounded Motherbank next and was quick to fly the spinnaker. Happy Apple were sailing short-handed and were a little slower to settle into the downwind leg.but were soon in the groove. Tinker T were lightly crewed and called upon the good natured Danegeld and Spirit of Kudu to tow them bak to port after a post race engine failure. Crazy Horse gave everyone a break after a fantastic result in the Round the Island. Alan Jurd is still recovering from an operation hence the supporting image. Thanks as always to all and to HSSC for providing the bar and food.

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