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Fox's Two Rivers foxes the URNU

East Coast - 08 Aug 18 Cruising

Each Year Fox's Marina Yacht Club arranges a fun race around six pubs on the banks of the Orwell and Stour

Every Year the wily folk at the Fox's Marina Yacht Club (FMYC) organise their own version of the 'America's Cup', or so it seems to the warmly welcomed 'outsider' competitors - the formula for winning is surprisingly illusive - a fast yacht? a sixth sense for the banks (how close can you get? what corners can you cut?where can you clamber out?) canny use of tides? race sailing tactics? the strength of the 'grunt' appointed to row your dinghy, or the speed with which they can clamber the muddy banks, find the pub and down a pint?

The course encompasses The Bristol Arms Shotley (Annex to HMS GANGES), the New Bell Inn (haunt of WW1 submariners) ( ),The Butt and Oyster (favorite of Thames Bargees), the Levington Light Ship, the Royal Harwich (Edward VI came here!) and the Fox's Yacht Club (Yes, you have to row ashore and back before you cross the finishing line)

Jacqui-B enlisted a navigator from the CURNU (Mike Smith) an army commando pilot, Jules Johnson (top grunt!) and Brent Crosland (Ex Royal Yacht - lunch, always a crucial factor!). Under blistering sunshine we tore the sinews....well sort of..... fortunately the wind conveniently died for an hour at lunchtime so we were able to restore morale after early exertions.

Successor, entirely manned by URNU cadets was cheered over the start line.......but ....wasn't seen again?

At the race end we had a very warm welcome at Fox's. As the first pints were pulled and the barbeque crackled the tally was passed around: As a 30 footer Jacqui-B proudly took her place in the low teens.The Charming Torpedo Officer of HMS ARTFUL even presented a prize to J-B; she recognized our insatiable competitive spirit - not the quality of the lunch?

However, Successor was posted 'Missing'. How intriguing - it had half our band onboard! Was it the 'Woodpeckers'?

Then as the crooner crooned and the dancers danced suddenly our happy band of 'missing' URNU cadets arrived. The first sand bank had just been a little too much for them and rather than risk sunstroke (not ignominy!) they had retired gracefully after the first pub - and no doubt threw in a few more not on the list later?

A great day out and a big thank you to FMYC.

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