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Honorary Port Officers

RC (Cruising) - 23 Aug 18 Cruising

Exercise to update, verify and increase the number of Honorary Port Officers has started. Members help to verify entries is requested and volunteers to increase the number of ports requested.

Member’s assistance is requested. A number of our web site HPO entries are incorrect. There is no apparent process in place to check and verify entries. We expect a Members Hand Book next year so we need to check as much of the current information and correct any errors. Increasing the number of ports with an active HPO would be advantageous.

Branches have been asked to review the entries on the website, under the members section. Verify and updating entries. Locating any new HPOs will take some time. If members volunteer it will speed up the process enormously. This request is timed towards the end of 2018 cruising season. Hopefully we will have up to date information in the Spring ready for 2019.

Meanwhile members could, perhaps spend a few minutes reviewing their favorite spots and feeding back any changes or updates that occur to them, to their Branch cruising representatives . Members might like to volunteer to help fill in any gaps so that we have a comprehensive list of ports for fellow members use.

What information is included is very much left to Branches and the HPO. I suggest we don’t need to repeat information found in Reeds Almanac. One comment sparking this request was an HPO reporting the Harbour Master had changed and did so on a regular basis. So, is it necessary to record the HM’s name thus avoiding the entry getting out of date? Why include the HM at all? That’s a personal view. HPO’s normally will be a RNSA member living or regular visiting the port.

This note in the website news is to bring the request to members attention, so that members can consider the topic. I would direct individual members to approach their Branch. This allows Branches to keep some control of the exercise. Either as a volunteer HPO, an existing HPO verifying their information or as a helpful member or correcting data or suggesting improvements.

Finally this is an excellent opportunity to thank the existing HPOs for their contribution,s going back a number of years in some cases. Having the availability of local knowledge
when drawing up passage plans is invaluable. We hope most HPOs can suggest changes tho 'their' port details and continue to be available to fellow members. Many thanks, sincerely meant..

Terry Corner
Rear Commodore Cruising

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