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RNSA(P) Wednesday Autumn Series Race 3

Portsmouth - 06 Sep 18 Offshore

A race with a little bit of everything just to show there can be added excitement in even a mundane RNSA(P) evening race series!

The fleet missing only Sunshine away on holiday gathered at Gilkicker in a north westerly of 8-15 knots. Option the SOOD set a great course of a run to N Sturbridge, a reach to Kemps Quay, a beat to Stokes Bay Central and a kite reach home. The single start had 3 boats pushing the line a little too hard in the west going tide and were OCS, all returned however Jolly Jack Tar with a duff cockpit speaker was almost at Darling Associates before she heard the recall on VHF. This spread the fleet a little and Tinker T led the charge towards N Sturbridge closely followed by Option. Not close enough however as Tinker T crossed the bow of a fast approaching car carrier but with plenty of noise from the vessel and a bit of scallop wars stuff from the Pilot boat Option and the rest of the fleet had to wait whilst the car carrier offloaded the pilot and cleared N Sturbridge. This gave TT a very handy bit of breathing space although the fast charging JJT who avoided the incident with the car carrier was closing fast.
The next bit of excitement came at Stokes Bay Central buoy which the RNSA fleet was rounding to starboard therefore approaching on port tack whilst the Stokes Bay racing fleet was rounding it to port and approaching on Starboard tack. Some interesting hails occurred!
Finally in attempting to input the results the HAL software has ceased to work, possibly because the subscription has expired - I'm working on it. The results for IRC however are easy to calculate and this is the finishing order on corrected time: TinkerT, Happy Apple, Jolly Jack Tar, Spirit of Kudu, Option, Kuketrekker. The results spreadsheet for both IRC and NHC will be available when I have managed to sort the issue with the software provider.

Sorted! Results at:

Apologies to JJT and SoK for sausage fingering my calculator.

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