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RNSA(P) Wednesday Autumn Series race 5

Portsmouth - 27 Sep 18 Offshore

Light airs and full springs; a busy Solent full of obstacles

Heather Tarr reporting in Ric's absence
Race results courtesy of Kit Buck
Spirit of Kudu was the race boat for the evening; setting a fairly short but challenging course. A small collection of boats faced an east running tide to start; the wind obliged and filled and spinnakers were raised for the first leg to Stokes Bay Central. Sunshine and Jolly Jack Tar were together at the first mark. You would be forgiven for thinking that it was Tanker Town and not the Solent as three separate vessels made their way in or out of Southampton Water. We all had to make the most of our course and the wind changes created by these beasts as they passed us by. It affected everyone differently; early hopes of a good place were dashed by these creeping monsters. Wizard decided to converse with one and had a very gentlemanly repartie. Spinnakers were raised again for the return leg to Darling and dropped for the final sprint to the line. The early starts make finding crews a challenge but means that different people get to take part. With three more races in this series to go and one more start at 17:30 and two at the earlier time of 17:00 this may make the difference between the fleet.
Picture courtesy of Ian Kelly from 12 Sept 2018 shows Spirit of Kudu in the sunset


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