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Operation Tinsel - Cambridge URNU cadets get a weekend afloat

East Coast - 12 Dec 18 Cruising

Each year the East Coast Branch takes CURNU cadets on a weekend sail. The Michaelmas and Lent Terms are ideal because they aren't plagued by exams

7-9 December found two East Coast Yachts conducting manœuvres in the Orwell fully reefed in a Force 5/6. The five students did particularly well, picking up buoys and tacking right up the river under the Orwell Bridge. The helming was of a very high standard. It wasn't all work however and during visits to Levington(Suffolk Yacht Harbour) and Ipswich we found time to get the guitars out, spin dits and ribaldry, eat well aboard and tour the night facilities.
The memory of 'mulled wine' in the Christmas atmosphere of Ipswich will linger but we were also introduced to Tea-Punjabi Style. Kanwa dashed off to buy the necessary herbs just before we sailed off into brilliant sunshine on Sunday morning. There were pleasant similarities between the mulled wine and Punjabi tea and we all understood why the cow gets a special press in India - you have to bring the tea back to the boil after adding the milk....... and we thought we had mastered tea-making on Jacqui-B!

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